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keepthedreamson's Journal

Keep The Dreams On
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Welcome to Keep the Dreams On, a community for fiction inspired by the music of Bobby Long, Sam Bradley, and Marcus Foster. We welcome fiction of all lengths at this community, whether it's just a paragraph or a novel. We also accept fiction of all rating (G through R), just make sure you label your stories appropriately! Also, when posting your fiction, please say which song inspired you most! In addition to Bobby, Sam, and Marcus, you can post fiction inspired by Rob Pattinson's music if you so choose.
Bobby Long, Sam Bradley, and Marcus Foster are three incredibly soulful and talented musicians who are quickly rising on the music scene. Their music has awoken more than one or two muses ^_^ so I figured those stories should have an outlet. Affiliates include landofdreamers, pattinson_music, and asoulenchanted. Please enjoy your writing and reading here and keep the dreams on